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I was a fairly shy child and drawing was my way of being able to express myself.  I received my first private drawing lessons in third grade when I had an amazing and inspiring art teacher, Mrs. Meeks, whom I still remember to this day as one of my most influential heroes. I won my first award for Best in Show at our local county fair for my age group with a watercolor painting she inspired me to do of a white tiger. With my teacher’s and family’s encouragement  I continued to develop my talent throughout the years. After High School I received a full ride art scholarship to a local college then continued onto the University of Utah.  In 2000, I had my first daughter and decided to take some time off from school to raise her.

This is the time when I joined the Epilogue Art Gallery community and learned about Dragon Con and other Sci-Fi conventions that led me to pursue a career in being a self-representing artist.  Inspired by artists like Todd Lockwood, Stephanie Law, and Christopher Vacher I painted images of fairies, dragons, and angels while exploring a world of mythology and lore. In 2009 I moved to South Eastern Wisconsin and due to some un-reputable licensing deals, decided to take some time off from painting.  I met my husband and in 2014 our youngest daughter was born and we are now expecting our son in June.

So here I am, putting myself back out into the world to help inspire my little ones to see the world through fantastical vision, hoping to teach them to never limit their imaginations.

If you would like to know more, please follow me on Face Book or Twitter or subscribe to my blog.  I’m always happy to get to know people of similar interests and would love to hear from you.  I can also be reached through email at abrandai@e9.ehosts.com.

About Me:

               I grew up in southern Wyoming, playing in the woods, climbing

trees, fishing, and hunting and just enjoying  the wonders of living near the

mountains. My first theater movie was Never Ending Story and even

though I made my parents leave out of fear at the introduction of the wolf,

it remains to this day one of my favorites.

I watched Fragile Rock, Thunder Cats, Dungeons and Dragons, and Transformers for my Cartoons and grew up on Froud’s Dark Crystal characters, Wendy Pini’s ElfQuest, Terry Brooks’ Shannara and everything Anne McCaffrey.

As young as I can remember I have been cultivating my obsession

with fantasy. Drawing fairies, unicorns and dragons, and viewing the world in a more fantastical way.