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What is Patreon?

Patreon is a pledge based website developed for creators of art, music, media, etc to have a place to go to direct their fans that are interested in supporting their carrer developement. It can be used in multiple ways, but ultimately my hope is that it will help motivate me to create more art. This is currently the only way to get a custom piece of work from me as I am not taking commisions. This way, my patrons can feel like they are getting their money's worth out of their pledges while trully encouraging me to create more!

All Tiers get:

     •     Exclusive first looks at Works in Progress. (Comments, critiques, and suggestions welcome and appreciated.)

     •     Suggestions for what you want to see next. 

     •     Discount coupons for my other sites including Etsy and

     •     My heartfelt thanks and gratitude!

     •     Wallpaper image for Phone or Desktop. 

Some of my current Reward Tiers:

A Pledge of $3.00 per month:

•     Access to all Patreon Only content including sneak peaks, early purchase offers,

behind the scenes, inspirational content, and more. 

     •     Raffle for monthly mini original work of art.

A Pledge of $10.00 per month:

     •     Gold Leaf Embellished Mini Post Card Print

A Pledge of $25.00 per month:

          •     Gold Leaf Embellished Mini Watercolor Painting.

A Pledge of $100.00 per month:

          •     8x10 commissioned work of art.

     •     Or after 3 months, 11x14 commissioned work of art.

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Patreon for Abranda Icle Fantasy Art
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